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Distracted driving is an epidemic. Each year more and more accidents happen as a result of distracted driving. Below we have compiled some resources to educate and inform you about the dangers of distracted driving.

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Take the Pledge – Don’t Text While Driving! Every year there are more than 100,000 texting-related car crashes. Join LoJack and tell at least five friends to take the pledge, and together we'll make our roads safer. Your voice can save a life.

Scroll down on this page to the "Resources" section for pledge forms you can print and share with family and friends.

"New LoJack Survey Reveals that 50 Percent of Teens Talk and Text While Driving"

LoJack Corporation today announced findings from a survey conducted at the 2013 Massachusetts Teen Distracted Driving Leadership Summit in Boston.

More than 150 students were surveyed and results revealed:

  • Approximately 50 percent of teens use their cell phone while driving, both to talk and text.
  • 46 percent of teenagers surveyed believe distracted driving is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.
  • 91 percent of students surveyed support initiatives to ban cell phone use during driving
  • 89 percent support the development and use of technology to help curb distracted driving.

Students that were surveyed also offered the following suggestions:
  • Make harsher laws
  • Put your phone on silent and away
  • Workshops on distracted driving
  • A phone ban for repeat offenders
  • Make a law for no phone usage for any age, while driving

These survey results support recent findings from AAA that 660,000 drivers are using cell phones while driving, at any given moment during the day - a particularly poignant statistic considering the same AAA findings show that drivers who text while driving are eight times more likely to be in, or near, a crash.


Download LoJack's "Teen Smarts" guide: - A comprehensive guide to help keep teens safe behind the wheel.

Additionally, below you will find videos, fact sheets and more to raise safe driving awareness. Thank you to AT&T and their #itcanwait campaign

  • AT&T DriveMode - To reduce the temptation to look away from the road, ATT has launched the AT&T DriveMode® mobile application (www.att.com/drivemode) that can be set-up to automatically send a customizable reply to incoming messages when the vehicle starts moving 25 mph

  • Family Pledge - Parents, take the safe driving pledge with your kids. Also, share this printable form with your friends so they can show their family's commitment to safer driving.

  • Personal Pledge - Take the personal pledge to drive safe

  • Texting Tips - Texting has its own language. We use that language as a life line to connect to our friends, family and co-workers. We send pictures. We chat. We text. Here's how to stay safe.

  • How to Get Involved - Those who read and send text messages while driving are 23 times more likely to be in a crash.1 That's why AT&T is committed to putting an end to texting and driving. Here's how to get involved.

  • Safe Driving Guide - A recent AT&T survey indicates that while 97 percent of teens know texting while driving is dangerous, 43 percent of them admit to sending a text while driving - and 75 percent say the practice is common among their friends. Here are some suggestions and conversation starters to help keep your child safe behind the wheel:

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