Electronic Driver Logs

Reduce Paperwork and Administration
Our complete electronic logbook functionality records information as you drive, helping to reduce paperwork at the end of the day.

  • Get an automatic online logbook of jobs and working hours
  • Keep accurate records, with data from your vehicle in real-time
  • Document your trips with easy-to-use reports
  • Get a log of both business and private miles for tax compliance purposes
  • Provide drivers with a tool to manage trips using our Logbook mobile app for iOS and Android

Manage from your Mobile Devices
The Logbook app allows drivers to view precise and reliable trip data, and add details with just a touch. The app helps make mileage reimbursement hassle-free for your drivers.

Manage from your Mobile Devices

The Bottom Line
Fleet managers can now digitally log their records and view their fleet in real-time, helping vehicle operators easily navigate day-to-day obstacles. Less paperwork and mobile management can lead to a stronger fleet.

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